Monday, October 17, 2011

How was the weekend?

The weekend has come to an end and Monday is the beginning of a new week.  :)  I slept in today so no exercise this morning but I so needed it.  I told James that after supper tonight I'll do my biking and AbDoer. 

What's for lunch today?  15 bean soup with ham.  I love the cajun seasoning pack that comes in the bag.  Mom cringed when she ate some, saying bean soup is not supposed to be spicy but boy is it yummy!

Saturday I spent the day stamping Christmas cards with the ladies at Sturgis Missionary Church.  This helped with my "snacking".  My hands were too busy!  LMBO  So...I guess I need to be doing more of this at home so I won't be tempted to snack during the evening! 

I made spaghetti for supper (at Stephen's request) and after I got done eating I felt so BAD.  Then thinking back I realized that was the same feeling that I've had the last few times we have eaten it!  Guess this is another "mark off your list to fix" items.

Sunday we met the kids at Pizza Hut so they could pick up Stephen and Kodi.  1 1/2 breadsticks, 1 wing and 1 piece of pizza.  So this is my one allowed SPLURGE this week.  Need to get back to the basics....protein first, followed with veggies and fruit. 

Have a great day!