Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tempting Tuesday

I was so tempted to stay home and cuddled into my bed.  It was so warm and snuggly!  Ahhhhh, just a couple more minutes please!

However, I did drag myself out of bed this morning and got 14 minutes in on the bike.  :)  How do I know?  I turned on the TV and it was 5:53 when I started and 6:07 when I stopped.  Tomorrow....I will make myself go longer!  ;)

Eating today has been okay.  I'll need to write down my food.  Too bad there wasn't someway to record it here but alas!  Maybe I can find a way to post my food journal from SparkPeople to here.  Shall see what I can do.

Breakfast - McD's Sausage Burrito - 300
Coffee - 100
Snack - Life Cinnamon Roll - 140
Lunch - 15 Bean Soup, 10 wheat thins - 180, 140
             So total # so far is 860.  Goal is 1200.
             PM snack of grapes is another 50 calories.

Liquid intake today - McD's no-fat, sf vanilla latte and 32 ounces of hot decaf tea.  Gonna get my water bottle out after lunch.  It's so cold in here not sure I'll drink it though!  ;)  Maybe some more hot tea this afternoon.  Anyhoo - that puts me at 48 ounces of liquid. 

Chat with ya later!  I will update this tomorrow after tonight's dinner, etc.  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Year Appointment

Friday was my two year surgiversary appointment with my surgeon.  I gained two pounds since my last visit.  We sat and talked about what was going on.

I told him life had been stressful the past few weeks what with the accident, insurance run arounds, etc. 

I also told him I started exercising regularly again and tracking my food.  I found this cute little food tracker on line to print off and keep in a binder.  It has a place to track your hunger level and your mood at the time.  I found that I eat (or graze) when I am stressed or feeling lonely.  Yes, even a married ole' fogey can feel lonely even when the spouse is in the house!  So I need to start addressing those two things. 

What can I do when I feel "STRESS"?  I can...
  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Stamp.
  4. Clean.
What can I do when I feel "LONELY"? 
  1. Grab my hubby and cuddle up!
  2. Call a friend.
  3. Grab my Bible.
  4. Pray!!!
I know I need to address these things to be able to move forward. 

The "tool" is still in place.  You just have to use it.  It is not a "fix all" as some may think.  It's not the "easy way out" as some may think. 

It takes work.
It takes persistence.
It takes will power.
It takes desire.
It takes faith.

How was the weekend?

The weekend has come to an end and Monday is the beginning of a new week.  :)  I slept in today so no exercise this morning but I so needed it.  I told James that after supper tonight I'll do my biking and AbDoer. 

What's for lunch today?  15 bean soup with ham.  I love the cajun seasoning pack that comes in the bag.  Mom cringed when she ate some, saying bean soup is not supposed to be spicy but boy is it yummy!

Saturday I spent the day stamping Christmas cards with the ladies at Sturgis Missionary Church.  This helped with my "snacking".  My hands were too busy!  LMBO  So...I guess I need to be doing more of this at home so I won't be tempted to snack during the evening! 

I made spaghetti for supper (at Stephen's request) and after I got done eating I felt so BAD.  Then thinking back I realized that was the same feeling that I've had the last few times we have eaten it!  Guess this is another "mark off your list to fix" items.

Sunday we met the kids at Pizza Hut so they could pick up Stephen and Kodi.  1 1/2 breadsticks, 1 wing and 1 piece of pizza.  So this is my one allowed SPLURGE this week.  Need to get back to the basics....protein first, followed with veggies and fruit. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Day, New Chapter

Tomorrow is my check up for 2 year surgiversary, actual date was 10.06.11 though.  I realize that I am NOT were I want to me and I know that it's up to ME and not someone else!

Last week I started riding my recumb bike in the morning.  I need to do this on weekends too....not just through the week.  If not on weekends then I need to go walking.  Yesterday I added arm strength training while biking.  Now I need to also get the AbDoer into the schedule.  Maybe this is something I need to do at night.

I need to start keeping a food journal faithfully.  I used to do it ALL the time on SparkPeople but, like everything else, I tend to get away from it and then I cannot track my protein as required.  I also need to start journaling my feelings before and after I eat.  What was my hunger level...1 being NOT and 10 being OMGOSH feed me now!  Was I trying to fill a void, keep my hands busy, bored....and I need to be completely honest with myself! 

Lastly I need to find a support group.  Ours dissolved due to a break down in communication (that's what I guess you would call it anyway).  I'm not talking about "online" because that is not a "get in my face" type of thing.  I need someone (or more) to be able to get in my face and not be afraid of hurting my feelings. 

So a new chapter begins today.  Am I up to the challenge?  I sure hope so!  I will be posting pictures of before, after and current.  I need to "see" who I was and where I am....and maybe a computer model of where I want to be!