Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tempting Tuesday

I was so tempted to stay home and cuddled into my bed.  It was so warm and snuggly!  Ahhhhh, just a couple more minutes please!

However, I did drag myself out of bed this morning and got 14 minutes in on the bike.  :)  How do I know?  I turned on the TV and it was 5:53 when I started and 6:07 when I stopped.  Tomorrow....I will make myself go longer!  ;)

Eating today has been okay.  I'll need to write down my food.  Too bad there wasn't someway to record it here but alas!  Maybe I can find a way to post my food journal from SparkPeople to here.  Shall see what I can do.

Breakfast - McD's Sausage Burrito - 300
Coffee - 100
Snack - Life Cinnamon Roll - 140
Lunch - 15 Bean Soup, 10 wheat thins - 180, 140
             So total # so far is 860.  Goal is 1200.
             PM snack of grapes is another 50 calories.

Liquid intake today - McD's no-fat, sf vanilla latte and 32 ounces of hot decaf tea.  Gonna get my water bottle out after lunch.  It's so cold in here not sure I'll drink it though!  ;)  Maybe some more hot tea this afternoon.  Anyhoo - that puts me at 48 ounces of liquid. 

Chat with ya later!  I will update this tomorrow after tonight's dinner, etc.  :)