Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Day, New Chapter

Tomorrow is my check up for 2 year surgiversary, actual date was 10.06.11 though.  I realize that I am NOT were I want to me and I know that it's up to ME and not someone else!

Last week I started riding my recumb bike in the morning.  I need to do this on weekends too....not just through the week.  If not on weekends then I need to go walking.  Yesterday I added arm strength training while biking.  Now I need to also get the AbDoer into the schedule.  Maybe this is something I need to do at night.

I need to start keeping a food journal faithfully.  I used to do it ALL the time on SparkPeople but, like everything else, I tend to get away from it and then I cannot track my protein as required.  I also need to start journaling my feelings before and after I eat.  What was my hunger level...1 being NOT and 10 being OMGOSH feed me now!  Was I trying to fill a void, keep my hands busy, bored....and I need to be completely honest with myself! 

Lastly I need to find a support group.  Ours dissolved due to a break down in communication (that's what I guess you would call it anyway).  I'm not talking about "online" because that is not a "get in my face" type of thing.  I need someone (or more) to be able to get in my face and not be afraid of hurting my feelings. 

So a new chapter begins today.  Am I up to the challenge?  I sure hope so!  I will be posting pictures of before, after and current.  I need to "see" who I was and where I am....and maybe a computer model of where I want to be!